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Editing abuse filter

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Editing filter 2
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Filter parameters
Filter ID:2


(publicly viewable)
Filter hits:1 hit
!"autoconfirmed" in user_groups & new_size >= 50 & article_namespace == 0 & edit_delta < -1000 & !user_name in article_recent_contributors & !"#redirect" in lcase(added_lines) & !(lcase(summary) rlike "\bcop(y|ied)|und(id|o)|\brv[vt]?\b|revert|vandal|remov|clean|delet|\brmv?\b|\brepea?t") & !(length(summary) > 60)
Filter last modified:05:20, 14 August 2017 by KeybladeSpyMaster (talk | contribs)
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