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Featured Media is the place to show the artwork, images, and sounds on the Square Enix Wiki that make it an interesting and engaging experience for visitors. It will also encourage wiki members to improve the quality of existing works. Any media can be nominated to be featured on the Main Page, so long as it meets the following requirements:

  • The media should be appropriately high-quality. Images should be of good resolution with minimal or no artifacting, but not absurdly large. Sound clips should be clear and easy to hear, but not excessively long. It cannot contain watermarks, website labels, etc.
  • The media, like all things on the wiki, should be from official or officially-verified sources. No fan art, no matter how awesome.
  • The media nominated must be hosted in this wiki. Items hosted elsewhere, such as YouTube clips or hosted on other SEIWA member sites, are ineligible.
  • The media must meet any Manual of Style regulations and other policies regarding media, especially those regarding copyrights and fair use. This is especially true for sound files.

If you're looking to update the Featured Media on the Main Page, please go here.


In order to vote for Featured Article, Users must have 100 mainspace edits on this wiki (check here, or 150 edits on a SEIWA member wiki. The process then goes as follows:

  1. Nominate an article on the Voting page.
  2. Please provide reasoning as to why you think the media is fit to be featured--remember, by featuring the media, you are presenting something that represents the best media on the wiki.
  3. The community is open to discuss all nominations, voting for whichever nominated articles they prefer
  4. In the event of a tie, the former nominated media shall be featured during the first half of the month, and the latter nominated media shall be featured the second half of the month. All voting restrictions for that month will roll over to the following month.
  5. On the final day of the month, a staff member will close the voting, and voting for the next month shall begin.


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