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These wikis are currently proposed for affiliation!

align="center" style="color:#FFFFFF;"| The Square Enix Wiki will gladly affiliate with almost anyone who wishes to, so long as they are a website/wiki of good standing and reputation. However, it will especially affiliate (and link as stated in Affiliates) with wikis related to Square Enix franchises. This includes:
  • Wikis/Websites that cover franchises published by Square Enix, Square, Enix, or other companies belonging to Square Enix.
  • Wikis/Websites covering publications by Square Enix in other languages
  • YouTube channels offering appropriate videos of Square Enix publications, such as Walkthroughs or Let's Plays of a Square Enix video game.
  • Wikis/Websites covering Square Enix in any way, including recent news or events.

The above list is in no way exclusive, but is rather the kinds of affiliations that the Square Enix Wiki will seek and most easily approve. Regardless, if you wish to affiliate with the Square Enix Wiki, please do so below!

For each affiliation request, please create a new section with your site's name in the appropriate section, coded by === Site name ===. In the section, please explain or elaborate on your request, so we know some of the motivation, drive, or reasoning behind affiliating.


Square Enix

Other Franchise



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Go to our Requests page to propose your own affiliation!